Lux Fetish Diamond Velvet Strap-On

Indulge yourself with this diamond, velvet strap-on corset!

  • ​Features a bullet-vibe pocket for unlimited clitoral stimulation

Valued at $37.50

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Intensity by JOPEN

  • Kegal Exerciser
  • Five powerful speeds of electro stimulation, which will strengthen your pelvic muscles, thereby enabling you to have powerful orgasms
  • Premium grade silicone
  • Manufactured in the USA

$200.00  Cost

ON SALE NOW for $99.00! 

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Fleur-De-Lis Evolved Vibrator

  • Evolved is one of the best companies you can order a vibrator from:
    • Their quality is unsurpassed
    • Japanese-made motors are extremely powerful
  • Comes with its own storage case
  • 5-Year Warranty (which you cannot overlook!)

Valued at $60.00
ON SALE NOW for $30.00!
Only 1 available.

Multiply Vibrator

by Shots Toys

This is a MUST HAVE!

  • How lucky can a girl get?  This vibrator has not one, but two rabbit ears
  • This is the perfect vibrator to reach each sensitive spot. The top can spin with 4 different rhythms. Furthermore, you can switch on the two rabbits, which will make their ears vibrate, in 8 different possible modes. You can even specify the direction of the rotations. 

Don't let this one pass you by!!!


Valued at $80.00

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