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​​​I feel an obligation to share my passion for Mannatech Health Supplements.  It is time for me to convey what I KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH.  Mannatech products support your immune system, which allows you to fend off infections and germs that we are exposed to daily. Your body wants to be well, so you have to nourish it properly.    Mannatech's standard of quality cannot be surpassed.   Click here to learn more about the history and science behind Mannatech's 26-year reign in the health and wellness arena.  WHY SHOULD YOU BE TAKING MANNATECH?  CLICK HERE!

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Here I am with my Mannatech Starter Package (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering).  I won't go a day without taking Mannatech. I discovered this product twenty-five years ago. Ambrotose, along with their other supplements, allow your body to perform optimally, maintain wellness, and have strong immunity to disease.

I have always been grateful to take Mannatech because it makes my immune system stronger and puts me in position to fight back against all the free radicals and viruses we are exposed to daily.  
I started taking Mannatech in 1993 and continued on it for ten years.  At some point, I felt that I didn't need to take it, so I stopped.  However, over a ten year period, I began getting severe colds and infections on a regular basis.  With every sickness, an infection set in, requiring the use of antibiotics.  So, in October of 2015, I decided to get back on Ambrotose.  Since that time, I have not gotten sick once.  

I have learned through Mannatech how important cell to cell communication is for our bodies. When cells are balanced everything is in sync, and that's crucial. When our immune system is able to respond to the needs of our bodies as it is designed, it checks on all our cells, sees which ones need help, which ones can be left alone to do their jobs, and which ones need to be removed when they cease to function normally.  A key ingredient in Ambrotose is Manapol which comes from the Aloe plant. As we all know aloe has healing power. Their standard for quality is high. When you take Mannatech it absorbs efficiently in your body.  I strongly urge you to read "Understanding Glycans" (link below).

I am sharing this because I know their products to be exceptional.  To learn more about Ambrotose and how it improves the function of your immune system, click on the links below.