Silicone Cock Ring with attached Anal Plug from XR Brands Master Series offers targeted prostrate stimulation while also enhancing your erection. Made from premium silicone, non-porous, and phthalate free. Measurements overall length 4.5 inches, cock ring 1.75 inches in diameter, plug 1.75 inches length, 1 inch at widest point.


Customer Dave's Review of Masturball:

"The Masturball is an amazing product.  it is truly the gift that keeps on giving, lol.  The longer you use this product, the more intense it'll become.  Now, I dare you to try this.  Better turn your stereo up real loud to block out the sound! 

Insert a vibrating prostate massager inside you (not included).  Then, while using the Masturball, use a small vibrator underneath the head of your penis . . . contract and hold for 3 seconds, then relax.  Your PC muscles are the same muscles you use when you stop yourself mid-urination.  As you get close to climaxing, just simply relax and you will be on the edge of orgasm . . . then you will slowly be pushed over the top.  Today it actually gave me 2 orgasms - one right after another.  Just let your imagination go and keep working with this product.  You will be amazed!"

Reasonably priced!  Upgrade your tool with the DR. JOEL KAPLAN ERECTION PUMP. This all-inclusive system includes a clear cylinder pump with a flanged base, soft detachable donut, easy-squeeze bulb, and flexible non-crimp hose. The cylinder pump is designed to slide comfortably on and create the seamless suction with every pump of the EZ squeeze bulb. Once peak suction is reached, use the quick air-release button to break the seal or decrease pressure. When used regularly, this passionate pump can increase girth, stamina and erotic sensation. Whether you're a first time pumper or experienced enhancer, our erotic enhancement set has you covered. For easy cleaning, this powerful pump disassembles easily. Color Clear Materials Polystyrene, PVC Plastic, ABS Plastic, Thermoplastic Elastomer Measurements 7.5" x 2.25" / 19cm x 5.75cm (Cylinder) Warranty 90 Day Warranty

Prostate Massager

Using a prostate massager to stimulate the prostate gland releases excess seminal fluid, which can help ease pressure that builds up in the prostate over time.  This can reduce swelling and inflammation that can cause problems as men get older. 

Prostate massagers are also used for sexual stimulation - to help achieve arousal and enhance erections.  Customer reviews state that the stimulation is incredible!!!

PROSTATE MASSAGER  A prostate massager is used for sexual stimulation and is known to have health benefits, such as reduction of a swollen prostate. 

Explore new, more daring pleasure with Billy. There is simply no finer or more luxurious prostate massager for men who are serious about their personal satisfaction. New Sensations for Bigger, Better Climaxes. Slender and curved with a flared base, Billy is the ideal prostate massager for safety and pleasure combined. The tapered body makes it easy and comfortable to insert and perfectly shaped for prostate massage. Fully Rechargeable. More power, less fuss.  From LELO


Prostate Massager

 Quickie Kit  Deep Anal is built for deep prostate pleasure! The Deep Anal kit includes our carefully crafted Prostimulator VX1 prostate massager paired with the Performance VS1 Cock rings. Lube it. Rock it. Love it. Glows in the dark. VX1 material ABS plastic, 5 inches overall length. 3.5 inches insertable, 1 inch width. Can be used hands free or with the handle. 3 VS1 Cock Rings made of silicone, 1.25 inches, 1.75 inchesand 2 inches diameters.Type your paragraph here.

Austin, one of my customers offered the following review of this product: 

​"I specifically like how well it works.  No dislikes about it."

Customer Reviews of Aneros Helix SYN:

​"Helix Rocks!  Go for this explosive adventure that gives the thrill that keeps on going . . . stimulates the perineum, kundalinium point (male g-spot), and the anus all at one time."    - -Mike

​"I wanted to let you know how easy I have found talking with you can be.  You have been very helpful to me and I wanted to let you know the massager I bought from you has been more than I expected.  I have passed kidney stones all my life there has been too many doctors, drugs, and way too much money spent for nothing.  I would get a stone lodged in my prostate and itmight stay for months.  Imagine walking around with a sharp rock jammed between your legs.  Its very hard to live that way, let alone have a sex life.  The massager has not given me the earthshattering orgasms some people claim but I'm still hopeful . . . it has made my knees tremble for a second.  The great part is when I feel a stone enter my prostate, I put the massager in and go about my business -- and stones pass just like that.  There super-duper great part is my wife is saying things to me, like, 'You are staying hart longer,' and she drags me off for fun. 

It has been great getting to know you, Barb.  Thanks millions.    -- Johnny


​Lengthen and thicken your erect penis! The Original Male Enlargement Pump System is FDA approved. Use this pump to reverse shrinkage due to age, help correct mild curvature, resolve premature ejaculation, and build confidence and self esteem. Included is a hand trigger vacuum pump, a hand made expansive cylinder and connector hose, erection enhancing bands, a penis leather strap, and lubricant. The hand trigger vacuum pump is a hand-operated, light weight, heavy duty vacuum pump with a pressure release valve at your fingertips. This model comes with an air pressure gauge which allows you to monitor the amount of pressure being applied. The 2.25 inch inner diameter cylinder is made of the finest, medical grade acrylic. It is tapered toward the top to match the natural anatomy of your penis. No gaskets are required. The erection enhancing bands help you maintain the biggest and longest-lasting erection every time, all the time. You can also use the leather strap to use after pumping to enhance the rapidity of size gain. Gain the confidence you need to energize your sex life in the privacy of your own home!

Erection Pump

ANEROS HELIX SYN Trident Prostate Massager

This is the BEST for PROSTATE MASSAGE!! The latest Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager offers extreme pleasure with its aggressively shaped and angled head, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. New larger bulbous head with flat wide head for more pleasurable contact with prostate, Angled and contoured stem for a more aggressive prostate massage. Aneros Helix Syn Trident requires less patience and practice to unlock its full prostate massage benefits, granting you the powerful experience you desire on the very first try. Thin Dime style perineum tab for focused pressure on the perineum. Experience the comfort and elegance of Silicone - amplify encounters with your with your partner, or take your solo exploration to a new level with the unique benefits of a silicone-coated prostate massager. Enjoy increased comfort and pleasure with Aneros upgraded and skillfully refined silicone material. Aneros Helix Syn Trident backdoor stimulator is a great introductory anal toy for a beginner, but can unlock unique experiences in the hands of a seasoned veteran! Enlighten, enhance, and expand your world of pleasure yourself or with your partner by gifting an Aneros Helix Syn so you can try something new tonight! Product Dimensions: Insertable Length: 4inch (10 cm), Tip Width: 1 inch (25 mm), Stem to Perineum Pressure Point: 1.75 inch. @npc2019_20

Customer Dave's Review of Satisfyer Men Wand:

​"I want to say that I am a firm believer in sexual enhancers.  This particular vibrator puts a great variety of pleasure into your life!  It has a variety of speeds and it also pulsates.  With a little imagination you will be amazed at the different types of orgasms you can have with this device.  They are literally pulled out of you at such a slow pace that when you go over the edge you literally hang on the edge before tipping over into a longer, more powerful orgasm.  This particular device can be used simultaneously with a prostate massager and cock ring.  So, use your imagination, do your research on Google, and you will take pleasure to a whole new level.  You would be crazy not to invest in these particular items!!!"

​The Satisfyer Men Wandwasn't designed to eliminate your hand but rather, to put a new spin on the job that will give you or partner the upper hand. Slender and streamlined, the Wand consists of a long, sturdy handle tipped by a pair of curvy silicone wings that wrap around the penis. You can stroke the shaft, tickle the balls, tease the head or just hold it in place anywhere that feels good. There are 10 modes of vibration to choose from as well as 6 levels of intensity.

Mix, match and experiment to find your favorite using three simple buttons on a centrally-placed control interface. One button switches vibration from steady to multiple modes of pulsation, while the + and - buttons below vary the power level. Always ready when you are, the Men Wand is USB rechargeable. A simple magnetic charge cord clips to the base and begins powering up when connected to a USB power source. About 3 hours of charge time will power your Wand for up to an hour. Waterproof.

For Men Only

Optimum Power Masturball

The Optimum Power Masturball is a fully self contained vibration power stroker packed with 10 functions of vibration, 3 functions of sensational compression and pressure sensitive tickler pads for a completely customizable stroking experience. Pressure sensitive squeeze pads customize tightness with every stroke, while the variety of functions tickle and tease you towards new climactic heights.

Embrace fully customizable pleasure while you flicker through 10 functions of vibration with every touch of the silicone buttons. The removable open ended chamber sleeves are easy to use, easy to clean and require no special care. Look forward to up to 1 hour of high-intensity vibrating stroking pleasure and recharge time of only 2.5 hours.

Hold down the power button for three (3) full seconds to turn on. This will unlock the travel lock. To activate either of the functions (vibration and compression) press the desired function button once. To cycle through the settings, continue to press (do not hold down) the button until the desired setting is reached. To turn off either of the functions, hold the selected function button down for two (2) whole seconds. This will turn off the selected function off without turning the entire device off. To turn the item off, first be sure that both functions are off. Then, press the power button once. 

The Closest Thing to a Female Orgasm for MenGentlemen, are you ready to experience the closest thing to a female orgasm? Arcwave Ion has taken the male orgasm experience to another level. Watch to find out why this new product has been sending seismic shockwaves through our tester community.

Experience a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on changes in air pressure. As the world’s first product to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum in this way, the Ion promises some of your most intense orgasms yet Pleasure Air™.  ​It's only on when it should be on. Smart Silence starts and stops stimulation automatically as it senses skin contact. Finally, smart technology just makes sense. Smart Silence™.  Keeping your Ion fresh has never been easier. Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone is super smooth, hygienic and durable. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish. Clean Tech Silicone.  Cleaning and drying don’t have to be a chore. Simply twist apart the device, rinse with water and put your Ion back on the discreet storage base for charging and drying. Twist to open.