Sweet Sayings

  •   ​​You make me smile.
  •    I.O.U. a massage
  •    You and me forever
  •    You make me whole.
  • ​   You are precious.

Hunt the sweet spot.  Dab a little honey or chocolate syrup on your body and then challenge your lover to find it using only their tongue.

Caress your lover's cheek, lock eyes and utter three simple words: "I want you."

Cooking togetherheats up more than the kitchen.  Whip up an easy sophisticated cheesy snack (saute asparagus stalks in olive oil for three minutes, sprinkle with Parmesan, salt and pepper) that's packed with zinc, a key mineral needed for getting and staying lusty.  Add a clove of crushed garlic if you want to boost blood flow to special places.  Follow with a wicked chocolate dessert and you'll load up on phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the brain's pleasure centre, and caffeine, which can jolt your sex drive . . . let the feasting begin.

Give goosebumps by kissing the back of the neck very softly.

Time yourselves.  Kissing for at least 20 seconds twice a day (the average relationship lip-greets are only ten seconds a day max) will keep your passion motors in overdrive all day.

Lightly suck your partner's tongue when it's in your mouth.

More tips to follow . . .

Tips for Loving Your Partner

  • Caress him/her often​
  • Let him/her pat powder on you after you shower
  • Take a shower together
  • Share healthy meals together​
  • ​Understand and be patient with his/her feelings of insecurity
  • Don't try to change him/her
  • Feel good about yourself so you are better for him/her
  • ​​​​Write your loved one a love letter.  Mail it.
  • Set the mood for the evening by doing the little things:  dim the lights, light candles play soft music, keep the massage oil hands, etc.  Oh, leave the clothes in the closet!
  • Compliments go a long way.  Let your lover know the things you find very attractive about him or her.
  • Tell your partner the ways he or she walks, speaks, moves and gestures that you find incredibly sexy.
  • Don’t forget to tell your partner how much you love them.  Share with them your heart because you never know when you may not be able to.
  • Does your partner like football?  Maybe, your partner likes fashion.  He or she will be surprised and flattered if you take the time to learn something about something that interests him or her.Cooking may be a chore, but cooking together always seems like a fun thing to do as a couple. Plan an exotic menu together and spend an evening or an afternoon cooking together at a leisurely pace.
  • Bathrooms are sexy, but bathtubs, they’re just sensual and beautiful. Draw a bath for your husband or wife and slip in together. If you can have a few candles around, well, that just makes it a lot more romantic too. Both of you could just soak in the water, fool around for a while, and even make love. It’s all going to be just perfect.
  • Remember, maintaining open lines of communication and adding a little variety to every aspect of your interaction with your partner are key components of maintaining a good relationship.   
  • Sexual teasing throughout the day is a sure way to set yourself up for a alluring evening with your partner Some examples: Sending a few sexy selfies wearing his favorite lingerie; Sending photos of your favorite toys; OR Every few hours, text a few words about what you'd like to do to them later.  With that, both of you will be primed and ready for a great romantic evening.                                                    

From "The 100 Best Foreplay Tips Ever!" written by Lisa Sussman, available on Amazon.com

Tips to Keep the Romantic Fires Burning

​Information that will help you keep yourself sexy everyday!