I love my family and friends and believe there is nothing more important than the love and support you get from them.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful son, whom I thank God for having in my life every day. 

My brick-and-mortar store is Passion Avenue, an adult toy shop at Dixieland Marketplace in Waterford, Michigan. Over the years I have assisted thousands of men, women, and couples in finding the right sexual toys and enhancers.  I am personable, professional, and open with people who come into my store.  I work closely with customers.  I want them to feel comfortable and know I am here to help them find what they need in my store or on my website, passionavenuediscount.com.  Feedback from customers is used in my consumer guidebook, Barb’s Guide to Adult Toys available now on Amazon (Order here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017GIO0SG).  If you are in the area please accept this as my personal invitation for you to stop by.  I'd love to meet you.

Hi.  I'm Barb, the owner of Passion Avenue, a business dedicated to showcasing sexual enhancers and explaining the benefits of using them.  It is my life's work. Armed with nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in the business of sexual health it is my passion to provide information, tips, and tools to women and men that promote a healthier body, more satisfying sex life, deeper level of Intimacy, thereby building self-esteem.

I am a woman who is very serious about my personal growth in every area of my life:  personal, professional, spiritual, and emotional.  The way one moves through the world is greatly enhanced when confident in their abilities, qualities and judgment to handle life's challenges.  My favorite thing to do is laugh . . . so good for our souls.  Professionally,  I am the consummate businesswoman providing top-quality products, always seeking new and innovative ways to serve my customers with whom I share a special connection.  I function in a perpetual state of reaching out to everyone about what I do and how my products can help them.  I am in tune with the universe and value life.  I work out regularly (see  "Barb and Dave's Workout" on this website!). Emotionally, I love to write, and journal almost daily.  For me writing is cathartic as my creativity blossom to convey my thoughts (see my articles on this site and in Uniquely U magazine!).

Barb's Bio