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Evolved Novelties products are distributed to more than 25,000 stores worldwide with markets encompassing North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Far East, Australia and more.  Their mission is to provide groundbreaking, innovative sexual health products to improve the typical couple’s romantic life, a market which is growing exponentially fast. 

Evolved Novelties has been creating exceptionally high quality, truly unique massagers since its inception in 2006. Their award-winning designs, packaging and packaging emphasize ingenuity and style, and they take pride in crafting each new line to inspire women and couples to reach new heights of intimacy and pleasure. Clean lines, elegant shapes and playful colors are paired with European standard high-speed multifunction motors that offer unparalleled choice in variety of play.  Evolved massagers are manufactured from the highest quality, safest, non-toxic Phthalate-free and latex-free materials available and are 100% Waterproof. Evolved Novelties also offers the strongest warranty in the industry (10 years), and adheres to the highest standard for product testing in the market.


Tantus, Inc. has a mission:  To provide sexual wellness tools of the highest quality to consumers.  Their products consist of Anal Plugs, Strap-Ons, Dildos, Paddles, C-Rings of all kinds, and more.  Based in Sparks, Nevada, they began production in 1997.  What stands out about Tantus is that they are a mission based, fully American company.  Their belief in a variance of types of play is reflected in the sexual wellness products they design and the quality they put into making them.  They offer products from which users can derive pleasure and satisfaction and be confident about using.

Because Tantus has 100% control over design, tooling, pouring, and testing of all their products, they can test for body-safeness from beginning to end of production.  Tantus uses a proprietory blend (their own unique formula) of 100% premium, medical-grade silicone* assured of body safeness.  Each product is individually handled with care and precision to assure a high-quality, precise product that will give satisfaction.   All is created in the USA!!!

Tantus’ belief that each person has a right to a healthy sex life resonates in the quality and choice of their products.
Toys are TOYS (for fun) as well asTOOLS (devices to carrying out a function). 

*FYI: Never use silicone lubricant with silicone products.  Silicone lube will destroy your Silicone Toys/Tools!

Evolved Novelties

Fantasy Lingerie

Screaming O is a fun and easy line of products to sell.  My customers love it because it's affordable and offers a wide-variety of creative ways to have fun.  They are the award-winning adult product designer behind some of the most popular sex toys on the market, helping people achieve more satisfying sex since 2005.  Screaming O products are designed to be a beginner-friendly, inclusive line of products, made of materials consumers can trust at a price they can afford.  Committed to consumer trust, Screaming O tests each and every one of its products with an independent lab to confirm that all materials are non-toxic and body-safe.  What started out over ten years ago as a simple sex toy concept has become a way of life for individuals and couples around the world to increase sexual health and well being.  

Screaming O proudly and actively promotes a sex-positive message with a modern approach.  Screaming O aims to reinvent the way people enjoy sex by creating a fun, welcoming environment through educational outreach programs and unyielding customer service.  They strive to create a brand that is both transparent and versatile, while remaining accessible to everyone.

 Fantasy Lingerie has been inspiring women to embrace their sensual side with innovative and fashion forward designs for over 32 years.  They believe that every woman should be comfortable in her body as well as in her lingerie.  Fantasy Lingerie’s eye towards quality fabrics, trims, and cutting edge designs has given them the ability to craft a range of style options from fun and flirty all the way to elegant and refined.  Nothing has shown this vision more than the early 2013 release of their award winning Curve by Fantasy Lingerie plus size line, quickly followed by the release of our award nominated Romp and Premiere lines.  Between curvy, playful, and sophisticated, Fantasy has demonstrated what it truly believes – that Sexy is for Every Body.  Fantasy Lingerie was named BEST LINGERIE MANUFACTERER at the 2018 AVN Awards.

Tantus, Inc.

Good, Clean Fun

I highly recommend a few brands in particular based on the quality of their products and the integrity of the companies behind them.  Some offer helpful instructions, warranties, as well as customer service.  For frequent visitors, I want to educate you about which products to purchase when shopping.