​​Tantric Massage Game Kit:

Weekend in Bed III

To create, enrich, and attain the closest connection two lovers can have, this kit will give you all the tools you'll ever need for the ultimate bond.  

​Tantric Sex

The secret to tantra is to slow down and focus your attention on a single intention, whether it is a love soaked night of sensual bathing or a single breathtaking kiss. Calm your mind through simple meditation and intensify your senses, allowing you to escape into more intimate, mindful, and sensuous sex than ever before. The Tantric Sex mini book will teach you many of the basics to experiencing incredible tantric sex sessions, including how to: focus on breathing to intensify and prolong your orgasm. Incorporate aromatic oils or simply rediscover your partner's natural scent. Explore exotic tastes and flavors to help you savor each moment Hardcover, 112 pages From Quarto Publishing.

The Tantric Sex Mini Book

What is Tantra?

Although often synonymous with sex, tantra is really about connection — whether that’s with yourself or between you and a partner.
After all, the word itself — derived from the ancient Sanskrit — means “web” or “to weave energy.”  In practice, tantra is about enlightenment: to transcend both the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous, and intimate sex.

It’s about getting to know your body . . . and if you have a partner, it's about getting to know their body, too.

Like yoga, tantra is all about physical and spiritual awareness.  When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure. This allows you to pay better attention to your body’s wants and needs and make sure they’re fulfilled.
Plus, the energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your orgasm.   antra isn’t only focused on reaching a higher state of mind-body consciousness. It canalso be about creating a deeper, more harmonious bond with your partner.

When you practice tantra, you and your partner learn to be physically aware and spiritually present, feeding each other energy that continues to grow well after you’ve finishing having sex. 

Tantra also allows you both to explore and expand all aspects of your personalities, so that you begin to truly know the other person inside and out.

I can't recommend this Tantric Massage Activity Kit enough!