The Ring-O by Screaming Ois a super stretchy cockring designed to comfortably fit all men and stay snug during even the wildest sexual encounter. The simple design keeps his erections stiff and strong, and by letting blood flow more slowly to the member, he will stay harder longer and have a powerful orgasmic release. Just stretch the ring onto the base of the penis and watch it grow for longer lasting, more satisfying sex for both partners.  I would recommend using a water-based lubricant when putting the ring on.

Rings help men stay harder, longer, and help control premature ejaculation! By slowing blood flow, the RingO can keep him from cumming until both are ready to go! Made of hygienically superior Silicone material! Super stretchy SEBS is nonporous and smooth for a safe and secure feel. Stretches to fit all for a snug, yet comfortable fit. The RingO’s SEBS construction lets it stretch to fit all sizes and stay put no matter what! 

​The Screaming O Vibrating Ringis the original award winning vibrating sex toy for couples that enhances the ability for women to reach orgasm during intercourse! Approximately 75% of women need additional external clitoral stimulation to have a female orgasm.

This super stretchy couples ring features a powerful mini motor that vibrates and stimulates the clitoris each time his body makes contact with hers. Pleasure knobs around the ring help distribute vibration around his penis while little ticklers on the motor help transfer vibration right where she needs it. The result is simultaneous stimulation that helps enhance the sexual experience for both partners! Simply stretch the ring comfortably around him with the motor on top and the ticklers facing out. 

The ring will not constrict or feel tight. It is there simply to keep the vibrating motor in place. Plus, this popular sex toy is completely disposable, so you can toss it away when you are done!

• Powerful micro vibration motor for him and her 
Disposable pleasure ring for couples 
• Vibrating motor for intense clitoral stimulation 
• Helps couples orgasm together! 
• Voted Top Product and Best Ring by Women’s Health Magazine

Ring-O Super Stretchy Gel Erection Ring

Screaming O Ultimate Vibrating Ring

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