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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Article by Kara Mayer Robinson for WebMD

Sex not only feels good. It can also be good for you. Here’s what a healthy sex life can do for you.
1. Helps Keep Your Immune System Humming
2. Boosts Your Libido
3. Improves Women's Bladder Control
4. Lowers Your Blood Pressure
5. Counts as Exercise
6. Lowers Heart Attack Risk
7. Lessens Pain
8. May Make Prostate Cancer Less Likely
9. Improves Sleep
10. Eases Stress

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What Happens if You Stop Having Sex

​Medically Rewed by Sonia Feldman MD

People go through dry spells in the bedroom for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they’re busy, or maybe they’re single. Or they might just decide they want a break.

If that break goes on long enough, though, it can have an adverse effect on your body and some parts of your life. 

Anxiety and Stress
Memory Loss
Relationship Health
Immune System Weakened
Vaginal Walls and Lubrication
Prostate Cancer

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"Sex and romance are crucial for long-term intimacy. The stronger the sexual connection, the stronger the emotional intimacy will be. It is important to nurture and feed your relationship both emotionally and sexually.”  Dr. Laura Berman

"It's really important to have healthy sexuality, and to be open about it.  It's not taboo; it's normal.'   Eva Longoria


Sexual wellness benefits all people,

at every stage of life.  Taking charge

of your intimate health is key to

living a healthier and happier life