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Barb and David Senior Home Workout 

Barb and David Workout

Meet Barb LeVine

I have been very active all my adult life. A business women from the word go always focused on goals how to be productive and succeed in my endeavors. I am a Manufacturer’s Rep who works with retailers plus I have my own retail location through which I sell sensual enhancers (that is another topic I feel strongly about).

I began working out approximately 20 years ago. I joined a health club where I go regularly for aerobics.  I love to dance so exercising to music has always been fun as opposed to hard work.

Two years ago I met David Dirker who is a physical and personal trainer. He is excellent at what he does and a good person which has allowed me to become close with a wonderful human being.

Dave and I work out together in my home every week . We use chairs, a mat, weights and walls for support as ways to exercise.

After working out repeatedly it has become clear how much better I am feeling and how incredibly important it is to keep moving . I will be 70 this year. I can now officially admit to myself that I am getting much older. But with that comes understanding 

You too can have the advantage of personalized training by Dave!  For your own training session, contact him at: (248) 579-3294

Meet David Dirker

​I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Fitness and have specialization with in-home training.  I have worked at three different branches of Fitness Together, a one-on-one personal training company.  I develop strong connections with each of my clients in an affort to foster a relationship conducive to their success.  It is my passion to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle through the development of habits thaey will use for the rest of their lives.

 Twenty years ago I was overweight and had to have back surgery, my poor physical condition led to a an extremely long recovery period.  I lost my home, my fiancé and my job.  It was then I decided to take charge of my life, starting with my health.  I changed by diet and began walking everyday.  My hunger to understand my body and how it works prompted me to become a certified personal trainer.

The workouts I design are unique, therapeutic, and personally designed for individuals’ needs so that they can achieve and maintain optimum health.


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